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Amadi Wellness Connection Services
  • At Amadi Wellness Connection, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are a phone call or email away. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
  • ​A wide range of services at an affordable rate of exchange. 
  • Schedule a consultation, register for a class, or arrange a group session.
  •  All consultations are private and confidential.
  • We provide a variety of services including:

Divine Ma at Healing Circles
  Helps  to release pinned up emotions
  Opportunity to learn 
about your true self,  appreciate own creativity, and rid self of toxic relationships

Tui Na Bodywork
Helps to release trapped Chi/energy and promote relaxation and inner healing
• Indigenous Massage Therapy
• Vibrational Massage
• Pamper Sessions

Exchanges/donations are subject to change  

  Chair Massage – $1.00 per minute/$10 min.

  Full Bodywork- $65.00 per hour

  Home Therapeutic Visits- $85

  Couples Massage - $120.00

  Pamper sessions and/or Workplace and stress day sessions can be arranged

  ​  Call for details -- 609-638-1460
 We also provide

Individual Therapy
  Using a wholistic approach, our therapy involves talking through issues and finding ways to, if necessary, make change / re-invent / re-create

  Groups / Family Wholistic Healing sessions: Creating opportunities to explore breakdown in communications and develop a road map to move from disharmony and dysfunction to harmony and better communications and healthy interactions.

  Wholistic Healing Arts & Wellness Referrals: These referrals and/or clinical consultations allow the clients to receive the best suited care. We are open to consultations with other therapists, a confidential exchange of information, and monitoring of services offered by outside agencies.

  Practice Building Sessions for Professionals: Consulting services for professionals interested in supervision and/or coaching for practice building.

In addition to the above list of services we provide the following wholistic health education and wellness workshops. 


Emancipating Your Spirit Series: 
1. Cultivating a Conscious, Energetic and Healthy Relationship/Marriage
2. The Essence of Live Communication 
3. Pulling the Pieces Together
4. FreeDome, Liberty, and Your Health: Taking Back Your Power Part 1 & 2
5. Nation Building: Habits of a Healthy Community
6. Happy Healthy Homes​
7. End of Self-Hatred and Turning on Truth and Love
8. Develop of Joyful Attitude
9. Mothers of Civilization / Self-Control and Self-Confidence

• Confronting Aggression through Learning Meditation and Self-control(CALMS)©
• Real Self-Sufficiency, Education, Love and Freedom (SELF)© 
• Health Empowerment Longevity and Prosperity Connections (HELP)

All of the wholistic healing arts utilized by Dr. Akosua Ali.Sabree, Mama Dee, and the members of the AWC team have been proven safe, comfortable, and effective. These healing arts have been known not only to enhance the quality of life but also to produce the following benefits:

Increase: motivation; memory; self-esteem; communication; inner peace; spiritual, 
  mental, emotional, and physical energy; relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.

Overcome: phobias, repressed anger, scars of abuse, hopelessness, depression.

Reduce: fatigue, anxiety, pain, dis-Stress, addictive behaviors(e.g. overeating,  
  toxic relationships, drugs, smoking).

Improve: social and domestic relationships, creativity, imagination, cognitive and
  motor skills.

Strengthen: the body's organs and systems: immune, circulatory, reproductive, etc.

Nu Balance, Money & Wellness (Nu BM&W): 
Achieving professional & Personal Success Ask yourself

  • What motivates you?
  • What is in your way to manifesting your heart's desire?
  • What are your triggers?
  • what is your life's purpose?
  • How can you become a more sentient being ?
  • What can You do to attract the kind of balance, money and/or wellness you seek?

Instead of frustration or veiled disappointments, vow to keep going to stretch your imagination to reach out for help. Let us help you on your wholistic  journey towards achieving more Balance, Money and higher level of Wellness. We offer a combination of online guidance and one to one consultations to aid you in discovering, reclaiming and committing to a road map and personal plan to achieve  optimal professional and personal success. This adventure can be an exciting process that builds the momentum  you may need  to finally jump start a Nu phase in your life.  Our private and confidential consultation starts with a strategy session to  review you needs and readiness to do what it takes to move forward and connect to a simpler, more abundant, and healthier self, your higher, more consciousness self .
​Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy

NLP is a set of communication methods for enhancing personal and professional development and for creating personal change compassionately. It allows individuals to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviors, as they desire, and gives them the ability to choose consciously their mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

We can assist you utilizing a wholistic approach which incorporates Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. Together we can restore your instincts to the original and normal “factory settings” that you were born with. Diets make you feel deprived, and therefore you may resist them no matter how healthy the foods and quantity recommended. Hypnosis and weight reduction go hand in hand. Hypnosis acts upon the “appestat,” the center of your brain that tells you when to stop. It sends a signal to that part of your brain to let you know that you are full. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Program taps into the strongest tool/ability for change human beings possess. That tool/ability is imagination. Focused imagination can help bring thoughts into reality. In this case focused imagination can help you gain better control of your weight, health, and life.
 Stress Management
Many of my clients comment on how the sessions have helped them to lower their blood pressure, or better handle family situations or mounting pressure on the job. Many have learned how to live an authentic life: speaking their truth, communicate in and with love in their relationships, feeling free, relaxed and able to meet challenges head on, and better prepared to achieve their inner goals and desires. 
​Soulful Meditation Classes( 9 weeks)

The act of meditation involves deep relaxation, increased awareness of self and our universal connection. The practice of mental stillness allows a person to meditate; to get in touch with his or her life force; to clear away blockages to ever emerging energy. Soulful Meditation without intention can help you become more aware; to calm anxieties, quiet the mental chatter, and learn how release tension, relax, and to feel again!